Wit Bier - Belgian style wheat beer (5%) Currently on Tap @ OMB HQ

Pale yellow in colour with a cloudy appearance, flavour and aroma of fresh citrus and spices.

CIDER – Pink Lady (5.0%)
Made from 100% Pink Lady apples, this cider has no additives or preservatives. It has a slightly dry finish and not overly sweet.   

4:21 -  Kolsch (4.8%)

Ours is an unfiltered beer light golden in colour. Light body with a noticeable malt profile finishing with a hint of citrus/fruit. Easy drinking ale.

No Limits - IPA (6%) Currently Fermenting 

A hop driven beer golden in colour with a firm bitterness and aroma of citrus and stone fruit.

RDO - Bright ale (4.5%) 

Light straw colour, with a low malt profile and light body. Medium bitterness with a                    floral/citrus aroma. Very sessionable beer.

Seasonal Releases

​​​Otto's - Red Ale (4.8%)

A malt driven beer that is ruby red in colour with biscuit and light caramel flavours. Medium body.